Meetup 2019 Ideas

Greetings fellow No Agenda producers.

Last year we had a local 8008 meetup on St. Pattys Day, in downtown Buffalo. About 8 people showed up. Granted, it was likely a poor choice of date.

This year we hope to attract a few more people! While we aren't sure about the date yet, we do have some venues in mind. One venue being the Buffalo Naval park, which we would rent out for an evening, so we could hold a meetup on board the ships for a few hours.

Other venues have been discussed...

No Agenda of Western New York

Greetings Folks! This is a website for members of No Agenda from Western New York (Local 8008). We will have a forum set up here shortly, as well as regular social gatherings.

Feel free to sign up if you are a fan of the show! Looking for help maintaining this site and planning events.

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