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Woo, New People!

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Woo, New People!

I know this is a very bare bones website thus far. I set it up after the first Buffalo area meetup back in March 2018. But at least it is a place for us WNY'ers to get in contact.

If anyone has any inspiration or ideas to improve this site, please let me know.

Anyhow, I figured we should call ourselves the Local 8008.... Because why not :P We are planning a meetup at some point late September. Likely a Saturday evening.

Feel free to email me direct:

On that note, I'd be happy to offer email addresses for this domain to any fellow show fans from WNY.

Rochester, NY here. Thanks

Rochester, NY here. Thanks Sir Roadwolf for setting this up!

Sweet! I hail from North

Sweet! I hail from North Tonawanda.


also from N.T.
I listen to the show doing chores around the place.
John & Adam have good insight and
rescued me from Trump bashing and chiming in on the hate

Ah good old NT. :) Well,

Ah good old NT. :) Well, we should do a NT meetup perhaps! LOL I know at least 3 producers who are in NT now.
Forgive me for my lack of keeping up on this site, up until now. I have been going thru a divorce and life has been very hectic. But... All is working out and settling down now. :)

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